Sunday, October 23, 2011


Main Entry:
Part of Speech:noun
Definition:day for resting
Synonyms:Lord's day, Sabbath, Sabbath Day, Saturday,Sunday, day off, rest day

This morning I woke up two hours and forty-five minutes before church started. We had two hours to get out the door if I hoped to make it to worship on time.

I took Chica to the bathroom. I fixed her breakfast. I checked on her shirt hanging in the laundry room. It was still damp. I threw it in the dryer. I pumped a bottle for the baby. I cleaned up Chica's breakfast, refilled her water and started a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode on the computer. Baby Sister woke up. I fed her, burped her and changed her diaper. I also got her dressed. I started the bath water while Dan got Chica dressed and brushed her teeth. I bathed quickly and got dressed. I kissed Dan good-bye. I hunted unsuccessfully for some markers for Chica. I put on make up. I fixed Chica's hair. I dried and brushed my hair. I changed Baby Sister's diaper. I brushed my teeth and put on my shoes. I grabbed the diaper bag, the car keys and my phone and put them in the car. I took Chica to the bathroom. I strapped Baby into her car seat and strapped her car seat in the car. I strapped Chica in her car seat. I filled a cup of ice water and grabbed two packages of granola bars. I darted through the house turning off all the lights and locked the doors.

I pulled out of the driveway nineteen minutes after our goal.

I parked the car in the street and ran back inside to grab a binky. We drove thirty minutes to church. I ate breakfast in the car. We sang Kari Jobe songs and talked about how excited we were for the carnival that afternoon. I prayed for Baby Sister (it was her first morning in the nursery.) We pulled into a packed parking lot. I vowed to someday have a section of parking spots reserved for parents of young children at my make believe church. I scolded myself for ever being late to church back when I was only responsible for getting myself ready. I parked far away, unstrapped everybody, grabbed our stuff and trekked to the Children's building. I checked in Chica, dropped her off at her class and headed for the baby building. I got a pager, took Sissy to her class, filled out her form and handed her over. Too late for the worship service, I walked to the youth building to hear Dan teach Sunday School. I fell into a chair, took a deep breath and contemplated having a sabbath during nap time.

Or maybe in 18 years.


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  1. I often have that same thought of, "How was I ever late before I had kids!?!" or "How was I ever tired before I had kids!?!" Seriously, I had no idea :)