Sunday, October 30, 2011

wedding week

Two weeks ago our family of four traveled to Missouri to see my best friend Debs get hitched. It was an unforgettable weekend in more way than one. The wedding was a family affair- Chica was a flower girl, Danny sang and played the guitar during the ceremony and I got to be Debs' matron of honor. Among the wedding festivities, my mom and I hosted a luncheon for the bridal party. On top of that, it was Baby Sister's first trip back so tons of extended family members were itching to meet her.

Thursday night Debs' sister Lisa hosted the bachelorette party. She went above and beyond to make it a fun night that Debs would love. We met up at the hotel, boarded a party bus and went to dinner at a Tapas restaurant.

Moment of truth: I took Sissy with me. My daughter went on a party bus at two months old. (I hope no one from child services finds my blog.)

(I can hear the therapy session now, "You see doctor, it all began when my mother took me to abachelorette party on a party bus before I could support my own head...")

To make a long story short, we had planned for her to stay home with her father but due to the timing of events she would have needed two bottles in a row before bedtime and I wasn't that prepared. So she came to dinner with us on the bus.

Dinner was sooooo good. I've never eaten tapas before. We each ordered a plate and then passed them around so we could to try everything. I sat with the groom's family and loved getting to know them better. At one point Sissy spit up all over my shirt. Mrs. Ebert was so sweet, she held the baby while I went to the bathroom to hose off. And then I ate all her leftovers. I am the Queen of first impressions.

After dinner it was time for salsa lessons! My mom met us there to take the baby and she snapped this picture of the bride-to-be (in the orange.) Do you think she had a good time? :)
After salsa lessons Mom and I headed home to load up the cars with stuff for the luncheon. Friday morning we arrived bright and early to set up. Both my mom and Danny worked sohard. It was important to all of us that the Bride was blessed.
As we arranged the room and the flowers and the food I was surprised with how emotional I became. A little weepy, but there wasn't a hint of sadness in it. More of just being overwhelmed with God's goodness. Debs and I have been friends a long time and with that I've witnessed her seasons of dating and singleness. Danny and I have prayed often for her future husband even before we knew who he would be. As she held fast to her standards, God ushered in a man who was beyond what she had hoped for or imagined. The courtship was a whirlwind but I know when he got down on one knee it was the easiest decision she's ever made. I think I was crying that morning over God's faithfulness to bless her beyond her wildest dreams.
Jenna sang during the ceremony. It was sooo much fun catching up with her. She even came to the luncheon early to help us with last minute preparations. I love her.
Funny story- Friday night of the rehearsal both Danny and I had to be on stage before Reese came down the aisle. The plan was for her to sit with my mom after she made it down. My mom wasn't at the rehearsal so Chica was unattended in the first pew. As Jen started to sing, Big Girl, overcome by the music sprang up out of her seat and proceeded to perform a lyrical dance. Lost in a movement, she toppled over and face planted on the carpet. The bridesmaids all gasped, waiting to see what would happen next. She jumped up and raised both hands over her head in victory. Jen, unable to hold it together for the last note burst out laughing. Thank goodness it was just a run through. I assured everyone that the Flower Girl would be supervised the next day.

Here she is welcoming our guests. She wanted to turn off the lights and yell, "Surprise!" when Debs came through the door. I had to break it to her that Debs already knew about the party.

I love this picture of Debs with her mama.

Big Girl got a dress up outfit for being in the wedding. She LOVED it!

Can you believe it, I didn't get a single picture with the bride? It was a bit of an unusual day. The groom was in the E.R. the morning of the wedding. By the time we got word he was going to make it to the ceremony on time there just wasn't a good moment. When I had my camera I didn't have the bride, when I had the bride I didn't have my camera, etc. Hopefully the professional photographer's turns out.

Here we are setting up of a quick family picture. Fingers crossed for a Christmas card candidate. :)

Dan fed Sissy a bottle during the professional pictures and she looked so funny with her chunky leg hanging out I had to take a picture.
The rest of the night we ate, danced, toasted, posed in the photo booth and all around celebrated the happy couple. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Ebert, we love you! Thanks for letting us be a part of your big day!!

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