Thursday, October 6, 2011

two months old

Our sweet Hopie is two months old today. Last night she moved into her own room. I cried a little as I changed her into her pajamas. It feels like the first step towards independence. (Is that dramatic?) With Chica we inched the bassinet down the hall a little farther each night. I figured this time I'd just rip the band aid right off and help myself to some ice cream from the freezer. So far Little Sister is an easy baby. (I think God knows I'm a bit of a pansy so He went easy on me.) :) She loves to sleep, has big blue eyes and just last week started smiling at us.
I don't know if anyone loves our smallest family member more than this child does. If her baby sister is awake, she wants to be right there in the action- helping change diapers, wiping off her face, dancing a jig. She couldn't keep away from our two month photo shoot.
Two sweet sisters as of two months today.

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