Tuesday, October 25, 2011

three and a half

Today Chica is officially three and a half years old. For the past couple of months when people have asked her age we've rounded up but today it's officially official. Tomorrow she'll be closer to four and in just a year and a half she'll be heading to kindergarten. Sweet mercy I have some praying to do. :)
She insisted on a purple sign for the lamb to hold. I'm not sure if you knew this but something happens as girls get older. They start to develop opinions. Not only that they learn how to express their opinions. Quite well actually. In conclusion: women have opinions and it starts early on. So glad I could enlighten you on this monumental day in my baby's life.

Here she is one year ago.
And here she is when she was her sister's age. I could have sworn I took this picture yesterday.
We love you Big Girl. You rocked our whole world when you entered it three and a half years ago. Have a great day at school. How about when Sissy and I pick you up you we'll drive straight to Sonic for Happy Hour to celebrate? There's a purple slushy there with your name on it.


  1. Love her and love you and love Sonic Happy Hour! We'll drive there after I pick up Nathan in Reese's honor!

  2. Rachel, she is SO adorable. I absolutely love that you have these photos. Priceless. :)