Monday, November 17, 2008

car post

I'm writing this post from my cellular device in the car. Thus two things are implied. One, if this post even makes it to the blog, nothing short of a miracle has occurred. Two, due to the tiny key board and the lack of spell check, the spelling mistakes are imminent. Emenint? M&Ment? (See.) Originally the title was "car poat." Heaven help me. Bless my heart. In a few hours we'll return home from the high school fall retreat. Someone in the back seat is this close to getting a tooth. We had to stop at the nearest Infant Tylenol distribution center before hitting up our third McDonald's of the weekend. Which by the way were all the nicest McDonald's I've ever seen complete with flat screen TV's, couches and video games in the Play Place. I'll leave you on that note. If I type any more I'll be that much more miffed when it fails to upload from my phone. I'll be back later with stories from the retreat. And oh yes, there will be pictures. TTYL, brb, lol.

*PS* No bloggy miracle happened. My phone let me save the post but not publish the post. We strive never to mislead you here at the Hinton Home Blog.

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