Wednesday, November 19, 2008

chicken little competes

*Update* If you voted, please vote again. They started the votes back at zero because two pictures were left out. Thanks!

Hello bloggers. Reese is in her first competition. I entered her in a fall photo contest over at the Siesta Blog. As it stands, we're getting whooped by Natalie in NC. And Jeannie from WA is hot on our tail.

And while I'm sure campaigning for your picture on your own blog is bad form, I ain't too proud to beg.

As soon as school gets out, we're sounding the alarm to the youth, "Rally for the Rooster!" (Youth ministry has its perks at times.)

Poor Dan doesn't know what to do with me. He asked me this morning what the prize was.


Seriously, I don't think the winner gets anything. Except the satisfaction and reiteration that Chicken Little is the cutest baby to peck the planet.

If you want to help her clench the victory click here. Scroll through all the pictures, and vote for your favorite *cough Chicken Little cough*. That's it!

Voting closes on Saturday.

By then I'm sure I'll be on the road, U-Haul in tow, traveling around the country living vicariously through baby beauty pageant after baby beauty pageant. And in 15 years, Reese will appear on a WE reality show explaining how her mother's meltdown all began with a fall photo contest.

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