Wednesday, November 12, 2008

middle schoolers

This past weekend we took about 40 people on our middle school fall retreat. We drove a couple of hours away and spent the weekend playing in the woods. There was worship, Bible study, sports, crafts and a high ropes course that kept us occupied.

For the record, I love middle school kids. My first job was entirely junior high ministry. I was smitten.

Since then, I just can't get enough of them. They are up for anything. They're old enough to process complex concepts yet young enough to be impressionable. They carry baggage of adult variety but generally, they're not yet hardened...a typical symptom of those who have been in the world a little longer. And they are hysterical.

For whatever reason, I think middle school students are fabulous. They're a highlight of our ministry.

When trekking through the wilderness it's important to be hydrated and accessorized with favorite toys. Not only do they look good, they make excellent companions.

Our fearless leader. Rugged. Handsome. And fiercely loyal to his tigers.

Hello cute girls. I heart you.

Pay attention to the instructions now. Lest you fall from the rock wall and plummet to earth.

Chalk this one up as yet another reason is should be fall all year long.

Go Gandolf go! Have I explained that a prerequisite for entering youth group is a having a nick name of some sort? If you don't have one upon arrival, you will when you leave. Most kids have about 10 names that continue to evolve into others.

Middle school girls, I heart you with all my love. That's me on the far right. If you have time, click on this picture. It should come up bigger so you can truly appreciate the expression on each girl's face. They'll make you smile. Works for me every time.


  1. Ok..i'm a momma to a 6th grade boy and 2 others but this middle school thing is all so new to me. I know you love girls, but these boys are crazy. I mean..."get on my nerves" crazy. :)

    Lord help me!!
    And, these pictures are AWESOME!!

  2. I hope your high-schoolers aren't reading your blog... ;) BTW, I enjoy our middle-schoolers a as well. Crazy, yet able to handle some of the "meat" of the Word. I lead a small group of 8th grade girls (started w/ them last year in 7th) and time with them is fun :) although of course I like all of our students in our youth ministry *wink.*
    BTW, I found your blog thru the Married to the Ministry blogroll. Adorable pics of your daughter. :)