Wednesday, November 19, 2008

high school retreat

We did back to back retreats this year. Last weekend was the middle school, this time around it was our high school kids. We loaded up the bus and took them to southern Missouri.

Here's the beast of a vehicle Daniel drove for six hours each way. He got his bus license soon after the church purchased it. Is there anything he can't do?

The high ropes course is a highlight of the trip every year. Here are some of the kids getting ready to climb.

Last year, I couldn't climb due to my condition. Something about growing a baby and flying down a zip line don't mix well. This year, I was good to go!

The best part of the trip came on the last day. We drove through Columbia on the way back to eat lunch at Chipotle and play football on the astro turf. Look who was there to greet us.

He is one handsome little man. So tiny! Holding him gave my arms a break from hauling around Baby Girl.

Apparently, she was just fine with that. There was a big cousin to keep her entertained.

And entertain they did. Of all the toys that were there, it was Manda's sunglasses they loved best. That's women for you.

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  1. Isn't he sweet? I got to hold him at my dad's 60th birthday part that your mom threw. And Nathan and Esther's toy of choice that night was a beach ball. They threw it up and down the stairs for about an hour and a half! Looking forward to seeing you guys over Thanksgiving!