Thursday, December 11, 2008

makay's here

This sweet baby is Mary Kathryn. AKA MaKay. AKA Reese's new BFF. :) She was born late last night to a couple of our favorite friends who are also volunteer small group leaders with the youth. We went to the hospital today to meet her. She's even sweeter in real life. We can't wait for her to pack on some pounds so she can hang out with Baby Girl. Because, bless her heart, if our daughter rolled on her, or whomped her with a toy, it could cause some serious friction in the friendship.

Aw. It seems like only yesterday Lovey was this little...when we lived in three hour segments and wacked out anytime she made so much as a bizarre snort.

One of these Hintons left the hospital showing initial symptoms of baby fever. That person shall remain nameless.

But care to wager who it was anyway? :)

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