Tuesday, December 2, 2008

tooth watch 2008 update

The Hinton home is on high alert, anxiously awaiting the newest arrival in Baby Girl's mouth. I would point out that we need help, but if you've visited here enough, that goes without saying.

At this time, I will enter into evidence three instances leading us to believe First Tooth is on its way.

Exhibit #1

This picture was taken over Thanksgiving. It captured the hook-yourself-with two fingers habit she picked up a couple of weeks ago. She gets those fingers in there and gnaws away.

Exhibit #2- Verbatim of a conversation between Daniel and me that occurred last week.
D- While playing with Reese on the bed, "Ow!"
R- "What's wrong?"
D- "I think she might have a tooth in there."
R- "Why's that?"
D- "Because that stinkin' hurt!"
R- "Hahahahahaha!"

Exhibit #3
Our faithful sleep through the night baby woke up screaming in pain three nights in a row while we were in KC last week. Daniel immediately went to the nearest Target and purchased the biggest bottle of Infant Tylenol he could find.

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