Wednesday, December 17, 2008

rockin around the christmas tree...

Last night was our final girls Bible study of the year, so of course, we had to go out with a bang. The girls all decided to dress up for the party. As a self-proclaimed Queen of Dress Up, I was not to be outdone. I wore a magenta bridesmaid dress circa 1983 complete with a puffy-sleeved overlay jacket courtesy of my dear mom.

Oh yes, I did.

As I waltzed out of my room sporting the entire ensemble, Reese looked at me like I'd lost my cotton-picking mind. It could have been the bright blue eye shadow or the hair piece I wore when I got married. I do believe if she knew how to dial the phone, she'd have had child services at our house pronto, pleading with them to send this crazy woman away. Or maybe she just wanted to eat my sparkly scarf.

Either way, there was a party to be had.

We played several games. The prizes included Coca-Cola lip gloss, Fun-Dip, and anything with a picture of the Jonas Brothers on it.

I don't care how old you are, if a party includes food, that's where you will find us.

The mandatory end of the night group picture.

Now I have to get back to picking up empty water bottles and vacuuming up sequins. :)

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