Friday, September 18, 2009

if you want something done...

This week our entire congregation's getting pictures taken for a new directory. In preparation for our appointment I took care of all the necessities. I got my hair did, selected our complementing yet not too matchy outfits, told Dan what time to get there, etc. Our family was ready!

When it came time for our appointment, we had our group picture taken first. Then Dan and I each had to take individuals because we were dying to relive the glory days of school pictures. Who am I kidding? We needed individual shots for the staff page. Everything ran smoothly and I was feeling good about it.

Then the photographer ushered us into the "viewing room." We looked through our pictures, picked our favorite for the directory and then asked to see a brochure with package prices. Chica has four sets of grandparents so I was envisioning a small package with four pictures, one to mail to each of them. Grandparents eat that kind of thing up.

Imagine my surprise when the photographer/salesman explained they didn't offer packages. Everything was sold on a points system. After translating the perplexing points system we deduced that two 5x7 pictures would cost $50. Normally Dan is very cordial in these types of situations. Not me. I start to sweat bullets, avert my eyes and pray the customers after us are loaded. Apparently the recession has yet to hit the photography business. I wanted to disappear when we broke the news to the salesman and he indignantly crossed out our entire order form. We scooted out of the show room hot seat as fast as we could.

On the drive home we concluded that cutting our complimentary 8x10 into four pieces and mailing those to the grandparents would have to suffice. Once the sticker shock wore off and I had circulation in my appendages again, I turned my photo-less lemon into an opportunity. I marched through the house, picked up my camera and went to work, determined to take a picture I could actually afford. Granted, I'm NOT a professional. But I was driven. Here's what came out of my little picture taking frenzy:

You have the serious face.

So serious.

And some smiley faces too.

Now if I could just figure out how to photoshop my head into this picture, our Christmas card is ready to go!

*For the record, if you did purchase your directory pictures, I in no way want to belittle you for that. You have a right to spend your hard earned money as you see fit. To each her own!! (And if you did buy your pictures I hope you went right after us.) :)

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