Saturday, September 12, 2009

some colorful commentary of my own

Proof that I'm not the best football viewing buddy:

"Why didn't they just make that stadium in the shape of a circle like all the other ones?"

"Ewww, his wristband is sick! Did you see that?"

"Look at that huge clipboard! What do you think they write on that thing?"

"Does he own those heads or does he borrow them from the mascots?"

"Who are we cheering for again?"

"Are we into this game or can I change the channel?"

"Has that camera that hangs down ever been hit before?"

"They really should let the refs wear pads too."

"You know, Chica could be a football player because she's used to falling down all the time."

Poor Daniel. I'm expecting a call from ESPN any day now about coming on full time with the network. Happy watching bloggers!

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