Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a trip to "state"

Seven days after Dan and I were married we moved to the south and I worked at a church in Tennessee. I asked a recent high school grad where she was going to go to college and she replied, "state." Ignorant Yankee that I am I said, "Oh? Which state?" She looked at me like I had lost my mid-western mind. Evidently in the south there's only one "state"- Mississippi State, home of the Bulldogs. Lesson learned.

This past weekend our little family took a road trip to "State" to watch the football game and tailgate with some friends. Two of our friends went to LSU and had an extra ticket for Dan. We drove down on Friday afternoon to see Sarah P. and Andrew. We ate at a local restaurant famous for its hamburgers.

I inhaled so many fried pickles I barely had any room when my cheeseburger arrived. The few bites I could manage, whoa baby, were the best of any burger I've ever tasted. And I've had many a hamburger in my day. It was just as good several hours later when I ate the rest for dinner. If you're ever in Starkville, you MUST go to Mugshots!

The next morning we met up with the rest of the crew. The boys all went to the game while the girls watched it on T.V. from a house a couple of miles away. Our watch party consisted of five adults, three toddlers, an infant and a fetus-all girls. I was in heaven!


and Tigers coexisting in the same room. A round of Kumbaya was in order. Instead we discussed our children's digestive systems, discipline, pregnancy symptoms and ultrasounds. It's what mothers do.

And I'm so thankful I have these women as a source of wisdom and encouragement. Part of the reason I believe God gave us our daughter when He did was because, in all His sovereignty, He knew I would need women who are in the same stage of life. I can't tell you how many times I've found comfort in knowing someone else has been there, done that.

After the game, we reunited with the boys and had ourselves a tailgate. The kids ate, played and ran around. And I chased them with my camera. Crazy stalker mom.

Big Girl waiting patiently for her Dad to fill up her cup.

Even tutu wearing spectators need a drink.

I asked Dan if he thought someday we could re-create this picture when all the girls are seniors in high school.

Before they graduate and one of them heads off to "state."


  1. call a sista up the next time you are in town! me and nate would love to see yall..

  2. So glad to see Reese sporting her MAROON....Go Dawgs!!!!!

  3. Where can I get a pair of shoes like Reese? Those mugs are tight.