Saturday, October 3, 2009

battle of the bow

I need help.

It's an accessories related conundrum. Since my beautiful daughter entered the world I've proudly adorned the top of her head with a complementing hair bow. Throughout her pre-hair days a bow established her gender, fending off most of the "what a cute little boy!" remarks we received at the grocery store.

Around 11 months, Chica started to rebel against her mother's bow aspirations. See. In one swift motion she ripped that bow out of her hair for good and my heart right along with it. Since then I've attempted to reintroduce the bow into her wardrobe. One Sunday she made it all the way to church nursery with a fabulous bow perched atop her obviously female head. Turns out she was just getting my hopes up as she yanked it out the second I turned my back.

Can you blame a girl for trying? Especially when this is how she looks?

It's like she appeases me for a few minutes...

and done.

So have any of you moms of girls fought the bow battle with your daughter? Any tips? Should I wait until the magical age when she wants nothing more than to appease her mother's every desire? (Ha!)

Please tell me I don't have to hang up the bows for good!


  1. i don't know...fill me in when you find out :) the chica's big cuz rips her's out every chance she gets.

  2. I have seen you put a little rubber band in her hair before to make a pony tail. I used to sneak an alligater clip bow in the hair band when Laura Ann wasn't paying attention. Also, if you clip the bow in the in little hairband, it makes it a little more difficult for them to pull it out... esp. if it's a rubbery hair band.

  3. oh... I meant to add that when their hair is already up, sometimes they don't notice the "bow" and therefore don't pay it much attention. (it didn't always stop LA but she will leave it in now... unless we are in the car)

  4. Rach,
    Just be glad you're able to get a picture with a bow..I could never even get past that part and she has never had a bow in her're either a bow girl or you're not, it just may be one of those things you have to accept (sorry). She's adorable without a bow anyway!!!

  5. Ok, here's a mom who's about to sound heartless... My daughter did the same thing at your daughter's age and I just let her pull it out. Well, we have FINALLY (at age 6) stopped battling over hairbows! I always said if I had another little girl that I'd slap her hand when she went to pull it out. I'm due with a little boy in a month, so I guess I won't have to cross that bridge with this one :)