Thursday, October 15, 2009

big girl

In ten days my baby will be 18 months old. When we returned from our trip, it seemed like she had grown up all at once. My Baby's becoming a Big Girl and she didn't even ask me for my permission to do so. The nerve. You turn your back for a few days and your Baby is...

ascending to new heights,

seeing things from a different perspective,

unable to wait for Auntie to dry off the jungle gym,

sliding down the big slide without assistance,

and even swinging in the non-bucket swing, just like Big Cousin.

Now this is the type of swing she's authorized to use. Once upon a time I had a seven pounder wrapped in a swaddle who napped in this swing.

Then I blinked and when I opened my eyes she had climbed up into this sucker and started swinging away while contemplating all the intricacies of life. And she didn't even ask me what I thought about it.

If she did ask me what I thought about it, you know what I would say?

I'd say 18 months isn't nearly long enough for all this growing up.

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