Friday, October 30, 2009

a week of parties

Happy Halloween bloggers!

We've had a week full of Halloween related celebrations because, let's face it, who doesn't like a good excuse to dress up? Sunday night we had the annual youth bonfire and costume contest. Chica was a little bumble bee. Mom bought this costume for her after Halloween last year. I was an 80's rocker. My mom had this mullet wig that served as the inspiration.

One kid thought I was Hannah Montana. Poor Hannah. In his defense, 80's stuff is very "in" right now. I bought most of the accessories last minute at the mall. Another student asked if this was my real hair. In the words of Dwight Schrute, "False. This is not my real hair." I've never been a red head, and I've never rocked a mullet. (Not yet, anyway.)

A few days later Big Girl had two school parties. Costumes weren't allowed (I completely understand!) so Chica wore some festive play clothes, which were much more conducive to playing putt putt golf, bean bag toss and ping pong Plinko. You know your child's at the right institution of education when the best game in Price is Right history is at the fall party. One little girl screamed in excitement every time the ping pong ball bounced down the board.

Reesie came home with a bag full of goodies. I didn't have time to look in it, but another mother in the class did, because later that night she informed me she had removed the Kit-Kat bar and Reese's Cup from her son's treat bag. Guess which clueless mother contributed those?

Yep, I struck out on my first try at age appropriate candy donating. I did it wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Someday I'll be the mom who sends individual bags of Ritz crackers. That Supermom who gets the letter in the mail and knows exactly what to purchase when she goes to Kroger. That mom who wraps each package in festive baggies tied with curly ribbon and an attached spooky poem. This wasn't my year. Rookie.

Wednesday night was the church fall party. Reesie revived her bee costume.

This was one of her favorite games. Her Daddy showed her how to do it.

Check out that follow through!

She loved this game too. Pick an apple from the baby pool. Miss Carol even let her go twice because she was the only child in the room. We hurried out of there after Reesie tried to take a dip in the pool.

Here's the entire family at the bonfire. Chica dipped everything she ate in ketchup.

Tonight she'll be sporting an entirely new costume. We're celebrating Sarah's birthday, going to a few houses and of course, taking enough pictures to wallpaper our house. Here's hoping your child came home with contraband candy courtesy of a delinquent mother so you can swipe it for yourself!!

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