Wednesday, October 14, 2009

when the 'rents are away...

This past weekend Danny and I took a group of high school students on our annual fall retreat. My sister came to stay with Big Girl while we were out of town. Little Boy Cousin...

and Big Girl Cousin came along for the adventure.

Actually they brought the adventure with them. My sister said one morning, Chica was so worn out she took her auntie's hand, led her into her room and pointed at her crib, longing to be put down for a nap.

Reesie's loves her cousins. Loves. Them. I know she had a great time and it was such a load off knowing while we were hours away working, she was safe, sound and having a ball.

Poor Aunt Manda may never be the same. She's going to need some serious recovery time.

What you're about to see is a series of pictures taken over the span of several days. Each was an attempt at capturing three kids under the age of three. Enough said.

This weekend was the first time Chica was able to identify each cousin by name. If you said one of their names, she'd point at the correct cousin (or auntie.) We're still working on pronouncing their names. When she says them, they come out as "Sir" and "Rah-rah."

Leaf Man is six months younger than Chica. His sister will be three in January.

Can you believe she wore a hair bow for her Auntie all weekend long?? It helps having a bow-wearing cousin around.

I'm thinking next time I go out of town I'll have my sister potty train her before we get back.

Thank you sweet family for driving all this way to keep watch over our precious girl. We love you so much. And we'll see you soon.

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  1. hi rachel! your mom shared your blog link with me awhile ago and so i've had the chance to follow along on all your adventures.

    i love this post!! amanda's kids so remind me of their mommy and that reesie is pretty darn adorable and photogenic too i might add!

    you all look so wonderful and happy. i'm so glad to see that everyone's well. take care down there -- oh, and i have to mention, i love the mizzou gear your family is sporting. tell dan to keep representin'!