Tuesday, October 20, 2009

baby's got a new pair of shoes

That grin on Chica's face is there for a reason.

She's running around in a new (to her) pair of shoes!

When my sister was here a few weekends ago, I took her to a local children's consignment store. I spotted these pink Nike tennis shoes and I had to have them! I LOVE shopping for Big Girl. Buying second hand allows shopping sprees and ministry salaries to co-exist peacefully under the Hinton roof. The only problem is when we're out in public, it's hard to refrain from sharing my heck of a deal. For example...

Do you see that sweet little turtleneck my daughter's wearing? I bought it brand new, with the tags on for three dollars. THREE AMERICAN DOLLARS PEOPLE! *Ahem* Let this be a warning bloggers that if you see us out and about, it's best not to ask me how much I spent on Chica's Nike Shox. Most likely a cost breakdown of her entire outfit will ensue in a very non-inside voice. You've been warned.

On a different note, I have a hairy dilemma and would love your input. Since my daughter entered the world, it was apparent she'd inherited her mother's stick straight, fine locks. I prayed for her to get her Daddy's hair. I'm sorry Baby, I tried. For the past 18 months, her hair has grown with reckless abandon and nary a scissor has touched it.

And now my Baby is rocking a full blown mullet. To help you picture it, there's a layer of hair that hits the bottom of her ears and then there's a layer about three inches longer underneath. I'm contemplating taking her to a professional to get the bottom layer trimmed a little to blend better with the shorter layer. Make sense? (I know I probably lost all three of the male readers with that last sentence, but when it comes to business on the top and party in the back, that's a risk I'm willing to take.)

Of those I've asked, opinions are 50/50 , and I'm leaning towards cutting it. But I'm a sissy when it comes to any type of change.....so. That's where I am. Stuck between an 80's hairstyle and a hard place.


  1. Nothing better than new scoots!!!!!! C.J.

  2. If it was me, i would cut it. I don't believe in cutting a baby's hair until they are a year old, but she's past that point. So i say go for it!!