Tuesday, September 1, 2009

summer vacation part II

In making the final edits to Chica's Summer Vacation essay, I forgot to mention one aspect of our trip. Maybe it's because I didn't take any pictures of it. :( Bummer, huh?

But don't you fret bloggers, because we have it on VIDEO! That's what we do. If our firstborn daughter so much as blinks we have it documented somehow. Granted, this video doesn't hold a candle to the last video we posted. (I'm not sure if we can ever top that.) But you do see us fly down the mountainside. The good news is, the closer you make it to the end (bottom?) the more you're able to see Chica's face. The first ride down she rode with Dan. The wind blew every last hair on her head straight up and her mouthed gaped open in a wide, toothy grin. The second trip down she was a little more subdued.


alpine slide from Rachel Hinton on Vimeo.


  1. That is too cute! It seemed like the slide went on forever!!

  2. Crockett- I know! Believe it or not, I edited most of it out! :)