Monday, August 31, 2009

chica's summer vacation

This past week my dad took our little family to the mountains. Danny and I went to the Grand Tetons on our honeymoon and we couldn't wait to head back west for a little getaway. With Chica's school starting in a few weeks, I figured now is the perfect time to outline her "What I Did on My Summer Vacation" essay. The pictures should get her some bonus points.

On her summer vacation Chica....

flew across the country on an airplane with her Mom

and her Dad.

She took several walks around the resort.

She waited for the shuttle,

and tried her hand as a tour guide.

She rode a chair lift up a mountain,

and hiked to a lookout point.

Thank goodness there were notes along the way, because her mother couldn't recall what the Continental Divide was.

She checked out a rainbow,

and went rock climbing.

She took her new found love of extreme sports on a bike ride down a mountain.

Her Grandpa Ken and Uncle Jackson were there too!

She played on a playground,

played on another playground,

and perused local shops on Main Street.

There was no snow on the mountains for skiing, so she did the next best thing. Turns out you save a ton of money on lift tickets this way!

Then she came home and took a 16 hour nap. Surely she dreamed about the mountains.

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