Tuesday, August 11, 2009

pop quiz answer

Time's up! Pencils down bloggers. Each of you is responsible for grading your own paper.

What was Reese doing in this picture that made her Mama swell with pride?

She was watching...


Now. That might not seem like a huge deal to you. But when I was two years old, I watched Cinderelly four times a day. Then my mom had the nerve to limit my Cinderella intake to once a day. Something about boundaries or the tape spontaneously exploding or something.

A few weeks ago I tried, unsuccessfully, to introduce Chica to all that is wonderful and right and good in the world of cinema. She wanted nothing to do with it. Heartbroken, but not entirely deterred, Cinderella made her second Hinton home debut this past weekend. To my utter delight Chica watched and listened for almost 20 minutes! She loved any scene where Gus Gus was present. (How could you not??)
Incidentally, any time Chica's shirt comes up around her belly, I call her Gus Gus. Probably shouldn't do that much longer, huh?

When we found out Chica was a girl, Cinderella was one of the things I anticipated sharing with her. Hopefully someday we'll watch the entire thing together. I'll explain Cinderella's depth of character revealed in adversity and Chica will reply, "yeah, yeah, but look how sparkly her dress is!!"

And hey, if she picks up a love of cleaning along the way, our house will thank her. :)


  1. Watching Cinderelly (as we also call it) is one of our most favorite things to do at the Dendy house!!!!

  2. Cinderella is my most favorite movie of all time. I am so glad that she loved it. Neauty and the Beast should be next =)