Friday, August 21, 2009

a recap in list form

Hi bloggers!
I've neglected the little blog this week for several reasons. Because it's late, I'm just going to list them for you, in no particular order. Behold, the things that prevented me from quality time in blog land.

1. Scrap Booking. Shutterfly is offering a free photo book until August 26. (FYI- The promo code is SUMMERBOOK.) When I saw that special offer, I knew I needed to make a new book. Heaven knows I take my fair share of pictures of our daughter. My problem is backing those pictures up, printing them and creating some fun way to revisit our favorite memories. A coupon for a free electronic scrapbook is the exact shot of motivation I needed to follow through in spite of my scrap booking shortcomings.

2. Scholarship Applying. Daniel is in his last year of seminary (woohoo!) This week I worked on an application and essay for a scholarship. I titled it "We Po', Need Dough." When I wasn't coming up with catchy titles, I was busy protecting the application from a certain Chica who was bound and determined to get her crayons on it. Maybe she's hoping the scholarship will be paid in string cheese!

3. Celebrity Sighting. Wednesday night, our church hosted an event with Candace Cameron Bure. Dan and I served on the evangelism team. Praise God He can use us despite our flaws. At one point while I was praying with a woman, I thanked God for speaking through "Cameron." Hopefully, He knows what I meant. :) On a more serious note, Candace Cameron. Is. Awesome. Since I'm in application mode, I'm on the prowl for the one I can fill out to be her BFF. Sign me up. She rocks.

4. Cradle Cap Scrubbing. Yes, my almost one and a half year old still had cradle cap. No, you do not want to know what cradle cap is. It is gone now, but it did not go down without a fight. A flaky, scaly, queasy battle I do not wish to relive ever again. I would take 50 diaper blowouts over cradle cap removal any day.

5. Consignment Sale Shopping. This weekend is my favorite consignment sale of the year! (Actually, it's the only consignment sale I attend. I just thought with how dramatic I was in item number four, I should add some flair to this one as well.) The sale is at a local church. More than 30,000 items were ready to be purchased and I came home with half of them. My big ticket item was a whopping $10- a FABULOUS Christmas dress from Baby Gap. I made out like a bandit. Chica had a morning date with Daddy so I could shop. Good thing he cleaned while I was gone. We'll have to put the house on the market or take out a second mortgage to make up for all the damage I did.

So that's what I've been up to bloggers. At least during my free time. What about you?

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