Tuesday, August 4, 2009

guess who came to town?

Auntie Michelle came for a visit! But around these parts she's better known as "An-Shell."

She graciously agreed to keep Chica so Danny and I could attend a youth retreat. Let me tell you, An-Shell doesn't mess around! While Mom & Dad were away, Auntie and Niece stayed busy. On top of graduating from nursing school a few weeks ago, An-Shell knows how to read books...

...and find pets in the backyard. (His name is Manny, after the only Manny we know. He's still alive and Chica insists on going outside to look at him everyday. One of these days we're going to go outside and Manny will have gone to Turtle Heaven. Does anyone own a Mom Manual on disposing of pets? Please, oh please tell me that's a Dad job!)

An-Shell is also the creator of the greatest ride in the world! Chica couldn't get enough. Eventually I had to hide the laundry basket.

Thanks for the ride An-Shell, and the visit!

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