Monday, July 20, 2009

she even makes house calls

Last week Danny's sister Michelle (a.k.a "Auntie Michelle") graduated from nursing school. Chica and I were able to attend her graduation because it was just before the annual Hinton reunion fishing trip. (More to come on that later.)

(I'm trying to build the anticipation.)

(And use as many unneccessary parenthesis as possible)

Here we are waiting for her name to be called.

Chica was a lot more excited than she appeared to be. The ceremony was a little past her bedtime, but she did very well for how late it was. Both of us were grateful when a couple of cousins sat with us. They provided some much needed entertainment.

Finally it was Auntie Michelle's turn.


Woohoo! You go Auntie Michelle. Go forth and draw blood! Check those vitals! Rock that bonnet!

Awww. Actually, more like ow! Chica's hair clamp was out in full force.

Congratulations Auntie Michelle. We're so proud of you. We never could have done what you've accomplished. (Seriously would have passed out cold on the floor on the first day.) Love you!

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  1. Rach, its Courtney Waller! I stumbled upon your little blog last week and I'm so impressed by everything! Your updates are adorable. My mom said she saw you guys a while back and Reese was so CUTE! Hopefully we can catch up sometime when you're in town. God Bless! :)