Tuesday, July 28, 2009

syntax queen

So how are you holding up bloggers? Is the suspense eating you alive? Has the disclosure of Chica's latest milestone left you perched on the edge of your seat? :)

I guess I should go ahead and tell you already what Reesie's been up to, besides hanging out bucket style while the lady interns and I filled 600 water balloons. (Another story for another day.)

Drum roll please...

Reesie's speaking in complete sentences.

I know it's hard to believe. Her doctor said by the age of two babies should be stringing two words together. Mission accomplished. A few weeks ago, Chica walked up to me, pointed at some cheese on the counter, looked me dead in the eye and said, "I want that."

Initially I thought it was an accident. I must have heard her wrong. But sure enough, a few days later she passed me a bag of crackers asserting, "I want this."

Sometimes the sentence is slurred, but other times it's clear as day.

Before you write me off as crazy, there have been witnesses (including non-relatives) to the sentence speak. Just before her graduation, Auntie Michelle came over to watch Reese while I got ready. According to Michelle, Reesie repeated the sentence over and over. It seems there's a direct correlation between the number of times she utters, "I want that" and her listener's inclination to give way to her request. If her audience is applauding, you can bet she'll be back for an encore.

I nearly passed out the other day when I slid open the van door and was greeted with, "I want out."

Danny was the hardest to convince. He was gone the week she started up her little syntax trick. Now, even he's convinced. (See above push-over equation.)

She's far from subject verb agreement and predicate nominatives. She can't diagram a sentence. But just as sure as I'm typing, she can say one.

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