Thursday, July 9, 2009

beach recap

A week ago I was at the beach. This beach actually. Not too shabby is it?

Hardly a vacation, it was our annual youth trip.

At least I think we had students with us.

Ah, here they are!

While we did a lot more than play games (see "not a vacation") I have to tell you about this one.

Each contestant had a balloon taped to his shirt with a piece of tubing that stretched around to the other contestant. The goal was to blow up a balloon until it popped in the other contestant's face. Because they were back to back, neither contestant could see their own balloon. But they had a great view of how their opponent was doing. Make sense? It was great!

This bloggers, is my beloved small group. This fall they'll be freshmen in high school. How can that be? If you're having trouble spotting me, bless your heart. Each youth trip I calculate how many times I'm asked, "what grade are you in?" Sadly the count has plummeted since I became a mother. It must be all that wisdom one acquires the moment one requests an epidural during labor. If you still can't find me just look for the doofus who turned the wrong way. :)

Our High School Musical pose. I only commit to a shot like this if they promise not to make me be the dorky drama teacher.

Wednesday night Dan and I snuck out of camp to grab a quick anniversary dinner. We split the Surf & Turf. Bloggers, I could eat my weight in crab legs. Unfortunately I didn't for two reasons. One, Daniel would have had to roll my gluttonous self home. Two, we had to hurry back to camp, thus leaving very little time for rolling. Honestly, our small group leaders and interns are so great we could have stayed in that restaurant the whole week and no one would have missed us. I'm dreading the day when everyone realizes our volunteers can run the show and they no longer have a need for youth pastors. :)

Sorry about the blurry picture. The romance and tenderness of the moment combined with the overall glow of a still blushing bride and groom cast a dreamlike, magical haze of love, happiness and everlasting commitment wherever we went. Nah, really the waitress just didn't hold the camera still.

Anyone else going to the beach this summer? Send me some crab legs? I promise you won't have to roll me home. That's what husbands are for! :)

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