Wednesday, July 8, 2009

aw, shucks

Well bloggers, we've arrived. The hinton home has been discovered. No, no, Simon hasn't called. Yet. As it turns out, our little blog has been featured on Beautiful Blog Designs! And believe it or not, I didn't even have to bribe them to say all those nice things about our little blog. Trust me, they can't be bought.

Now before you start thinking I'm just tooting my own horn, know this. Each week Amanda features "an amateur blog with a particularly attractive blog design." While I have everything to do with the amateur aspect of our blog (holla!), Kelly was the brains behind our beautiful design operation. Kudos to her!

You know a designer's a pro when she hears, "Yeah, I like pink and brown and green and simple-looking, and I would like a viney thing going through it," and she turns it into what you see on your screen. Kelly was great to work with from beginning to end. My favorite part about her is she wants beautiful blogs to be attainable by everyone, so she keeps her prices very reasonable. If you sign up to follow her blog, then each month you're automatically entered to win a free custom blog design of your very own. So hop on over there and sign up bloggers!

Thanks Amanda for stopping by our little neck of the web and for loving it enough to showcase!


  1. You are very welcome! You both deserve the praise, though. She designed a beautiful blog, but you have kept it beautiful. There's a lot to be said for that.

  2. Do you know what cursive font your designer used?

  3. Summer- I'm not sure, but I'll try to find out!