Friday, August 7, 2009

this is a test

*Update*- Mission accomplished! Our blog updates are now linking directly to our Twitter account. So if you have a Twitter account and want all the up to date, late-breaking news on our little family, be sure to follow us! Because really, how in the world could we expect you to wait one minute longer than necessary to find out stuff like this? You're welcome bloggers. :)

Original Post Below:
Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain. I'm trying to link our RSS feed to our Twitter account.

That's right. In the words of Loyd Christmas, Twitter is a "tractor beam that sucked me right in." Most likely I won't be updating it often, because let's be honest, my life isn't that interesting that I can comment on it multiple times a day. I'm a bigger twit than I am a tweet.

The reason I caved to the Twitter Machine is I'm trying to link it to our blog RSS feed. What's that got to do with you? The ultimate goal is for our blog updates to appear as our tweets. If you are a fellow tweeter and you follow us, our blog updates would go directly to your phone, thus cutting out your need to keep checking our little blog for updates that don't yet exist.

That's about as clear as mud, huh?

I won't know if it's actually working for about another hour. See ya later bloggers!

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