Saturday, August 8, 2009

just keep swimming

As of the moment, Chica's a little waterlogged. She's been in the pool a lot this weekend! She had her first official swim lesson last night. Her teacher says at this age the best thing for her is to get her in the water as often as we can. She's working hard to get Chica to kick her legs as she swims around.

Isn't their pool beautiful??

It cracked me up when she swam around in this.

She looked like a pink buoy bobbing around the pool. (She looks so grown up in this picture!)

Not quite ready for deep sea diving.

Her teacher had all sorts of fun things to play with. Chica turned this snorkel into a weapon at one point. I'm guessing that's not exactly how the teacher intended her to use it...especially since her sweet teacher was victim to the snorkel attack. Should Daniel and I brace ourselves now for all the meetings in the Principal's office?

All done and time to dry off!

With her sweet, forgiving teacher.

Wrinkly proof we got our money's worth. :)

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  1. Rach! haha I feel so important to be on here!