Saturday, August 22, 2009

sweet CJ

When I started our little blog two years ago, I did so to keep our far away family up to date with our new and albeit, happening life. :) A week after our wedding we moved three states away from just about everyone we knew. After following my step-sister Grace's blog, I thought a blog would be just the thing to keep people who wanted our family briefings in the loop. I knew my sister and my mom would totally dig it, and if they were the only two people who chose to visit our blog, that would be just fine.

So it always catches me a little off guard when I discover more than two people actually read our stuff. One of our readers is CJ. She's a pediatric nurse who works with cancer patients. She throws one heck of a shower. And most importantly, she raised this woman.

As it turns out, CJ is one of our most faithful and generous readers. Yesterday, Chica received a package in the mail from CJ. There was a sweet card, which Chica had no problem ripping open. It cracks me up how she opens cards. She tears the envelope right in half, stripping the card bear, somehow managing to keep the innards intact. I don't know how she does it. It's a gift.

After Dan read her the card, she plunged her hands into the styrofoam peanuts, pulling out a brand spanking new book. If you want to get on Chica's good side, send her a book. (Especially if you're feeling sympathetic towards her parents who have memorized Hop on Pop, Go Dog Go and Put Me in the Zoo.) Turns out the key to memorization is reading something over and over and over again. Who knew?

Thank you CJ for such a neat book that she's sure to enjoy for many years.

And thank you for making sure Debs is current with all the blog occurences. :)


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I read your blog faithfully too. And Nathan loves the video of Reese laughing. He thought that was so funny!

  2. Oh my gosh, you just made my day!! Or week!! Or month!!!! I love keeping up with you all and seeing Reese grow up!!(too fast!!) C.J.

  3. of course...we read every day:) we love the book too...its great!