Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The other night after dinner we made a quick family trip to a local playground. The temperature had dropped to somewhat bearable so it made the night even better.

Upon arrival, Danny unbuckled Chica from her car seat. Meanwhile, as I was gathering up my camera, this audacious character waddled over to our car. I turned around to find myself pinned against the car with the only thing standing between me and a lovely night on the playground was the world's weirdest looking duck. Seriously, what kind of duck has red eyes??

It was apparent he's used to being fed. When he realized my camera wasn't edible, he meandered around the car to the other members of my family.

Danny wasn't so much propping up Big Girl as he was preventing UFC Girl vs. Duck. Eventually, we out maneuvered him.

Chica had a lovely time playing. She's a wild, fearless woman so she kept her two parents busy. Only the biggest slides would do for her entertainment.

We'd planned to stay until bed time, but when these bad boys rolled in, we rolled out.

We'd had our fill of big slides and close encounters of the freak duck kind.

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