Thursday, September 25, 2008

and it shall be called...

The Claw of Destruction.

No earring is safe from its grip. No computer cord is spared from its grasp. In one swoop the Claw descends upon magazines, books and mail. Shredding anything within arms reach of its path of destruction.

Like the mighty bald eagle who plummets through the sky, seeking to devour its prey, The Claw slices through air with its ill-fated target mere seconds away from its inevitable demise.

No wad of human hair can withstand The Claw's determination and fortitude.

Every so often, The Claw unites with its counterpart..., The Other Claw.

With their powers combined, they wreak havoc that cause even bald men to quiver.

And their wake of devastation is always paired with the expression of a contented command center.


  1. Hey Rachel...
    I have the same problem. Except our claw is a precious puppy whose claw is her mouth. NOTHING is exempt!! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. This is SO funny & it SO hits home!!! I am daily living in fear of 8-month old claws at my house!

  3. Okay, I hit "publish" for the last comment & "the claw" grabbed my eyeball...scary, I tell ya!

    Your little girl is a doll!