Saturday, September 27, 2008

friday night lights

Last night we took Tutz to her first live football game. She attended a Mizzou game last year, but at the time she was still in-utero, so that doesn't really count now, does it?

Some of the youth kids played in the half time show. We were able to support our beloved band members and expose our child to the art of grown men chasing each other around a field, all in one night. Gotta love multi-tasking.

We made the mistake of sitting in front of the cheerleaders. And by cheerleaders I mean an army of 200 girls screaming in unison. I've never seen such a massive cheer squad. Except on ESPN.

Here's Reese witnessing a herky for the very first time.

Well, is that a familiar face I spy in the background?

It's Sarah! And not only did she come to visit for the weekend, but she also helped us get dressed for the game. (The second time.)

A group shot. Because the hat alone deserves a second look.

If you're looking to get $20 off your next tanning package, Reese can hook you up.

Stay tuned. We have another special guest blessing us with her presence. Say it isn't so!

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  1. Hi Rachel,
    I read your spotlight on the Siesta Fiesta blog. I'm glad you decided to be brave and post it.
    I started my blog back in Jan. and have enjoyed meeting so many amazing Christian women on here.
    I've never really had many hobbies and am not very talented, (just a fact) but this has truly become my hobby and also a ministry.
    Please don't hate me because I'm a Sooner fan. ;) We'll have to play Missouri in the near future. They're a good football team.
    Reese is a beautiful little girl.
    I'm sorry you missed the Siesta Fiesta, but you've got more important things going on in your life right now. It was a blast. My grown, married daughter went with me. We had such a great time.
    Stop over on my blog sometime and say hello.
    Oh yeah, my husband and I have worked with the youth in our church for the past six years. The seeds are being planted in their lives.