Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"rolling, rolling..."

I hope after reading that title, you're channeling your inner Tina Turner with a little Proud Mary action. You know you want to! This Proud Mama has been humming that song all day. Oh yes, not only can our Sweet Girl type out her inner most feelings for the world wide web to see, she can also ROLL OVER!

Here's how it went down.

Last night after Girls Bible Study I put Reese down on her tummy so she could impress the girls with her neck strength.

Just as I had put her down, she pushed up with both arms, higher than she's ever been. As she reached the peak of the push up, the weight of her head tipped her to one side. As she toppled over, she oh so gracefully tucked one arm under her body and ended up on her back with a huge smile on her face.

Immediately I started screaming. Mid-cheer, it dawned on the girls that this must be the First Roll. They started screaming with me. We put her right back on her tummy to get a re-play. But sadly, Tina had left the building.

Now, I know in a couple years I might not appreciate rolling over. Like when she decides to roll around in the grass in her church clothes. Or maybe when she rolls over in bed for five more minutes of sleep after I've yelled 15 times for her to get up already. Or even when she rolls onto a sibling as payback.

But for now, Reese's roll, it's perfection.

"Big Girl keeps on turning, Proud Mama keeps on burning..."

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