Friday, September 12, 2008

a faux first

This week Reese started school. No, not real school. While we are convinced she's undoubtedly gifted (don't all parents?), she's not quite ready for kindergarten. Well, a more accurate statement would be kindergarten isn't quite ready for her. :)

Anyways, she missed her first week because she was busy meeting Slugger on our family vacation. And while I was a tad worried about her being the new kid with the good swings taken and all, I figured her tales of meeting giant lions would definitely win over her fellow classmates.

The first day Danny went with us for moral support. Can you guess which of his girls actually needed it? Miss Thang has two teachers and they were both very nice. It turns out there were five other babies in her class and they were ALL BOYS. Thank goodness she wore her I Love My Daddy bib. It made it apparent to those boys she was only interested in platonic friendship.

I am proud to say, I postponed the crying until I was back in the car. When the ignition started, so did the tears. I can't pinpoint a specific reason I started crying.

She was in perfectly capable hands.

She smiled when we handed her over.

For some reason I just felt pained. Not physical pain. But a twinge in my heart. Maybe the tears were flowing because I knew that this is just the first of many heart pains that are sure to come.

The terrible mom I am, I completely forgot to take a picture on her first day. So I took one on her second day. And that will forever be her fake first day of school picture. I will post it asap, but I can't right now. Dan has the blogging machine (aka laptop). Plus it serves as an incentive to come back soon!

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