Tuesday, January 27, 2009

drum roll please...

Behold the never ending saga of Tooth Watch 2008/2009. Months of speculation. Moments of scrutiny. Check lists of every teething symptom assuring us an incisor was imminent. Questioning if our daughter would ever be capable of delighting in the phenomenon that is a T-bone steak. And then there was that hasty/desperate decision to have her fitted for baby dentures.

All leading up to this long awaited moment.....

Ta da!!! Look what Reese grew!

Oops, sorry, I'll zoom in. Check it out!!

Isn't it beautiful? Albeit, painful looking. This must have been what the Israelites felt like when God parted the Red Sea. Haha, ok I admit that's a bit of a stretch. But apparently God's in the business of splitting things wide open cause looky there!

Danny thought he felt something last Thursday night. But, well, we've been wrong before. However, Friday when she barred that bottom gum for the world to see, I snapped a shot. And the camera doesn't lie. (Nor has this photo been doctored, but that might have been our next step had Tooth Watch continued on past her first birthday. I'm just saying.)

I let her take that bad boy out for a test run Friday afternoon. She worked that cracker over in record speed.

For the record we'll probably wait until she gets another tooth before we take a trip to Longhorn. :)

So as Tooth Watch 2008 turned 2009 comes to a close, we'd like to thank you for sticking with us through all the oral updates. You're probably breathing a sigh of sweet relief. Ahh catharsis. There ain't nothing like it.

Except of course, a big juicy steak. ;)

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