Saturday, January 17, 2009

stuff i'm loving

One of the most profound things I ever read (or did I hear it on Clean Sweep?) is to love people and use things. And while I try to reserve my emotional attachment for you know, people, there are some things that are making my life just a little bit better. And it would be wrong of me not to share them with you because, well, they're that great.

LeCrae is a local Christian hip hop artist who is gaining national momentum with his latest album. It came out this past summer and at one point it was fourth on ITunes downloads, above Kanye West. It is hands down, the most convicting CD I've ever heard. Ever. How in the world is a white, suburban mom able to identify with these lyrics? That's some God business. My favorite song is "Go Hard." If you're into hip hop music, this CD will clean up your I-Pod and speak some truth. Does it ever speak some truth!!

Oh, how I love me some Jon & Kate. If you're a fan of their show, you have to read their book. It's funny and moving and uplifting. Plus it's a quick and easy read. It's perfect if you're looking for something to take on vacation to help pass traveling time.

Have you guys hit up Sonic's dollar menu? If your Sonic has had a dollar menu for as long as you can remember, please don't tell me. It'll hurt my feelings and serve as a reminder that Mississippi is in fact the last place on earth to round the corner of the latest trend. My favorite thing on the dollar menu is the candy ice cream dish. Mmm, I could go for one right now. (And the fact that one sweep of my car seats could produce the money needed to pay for such delicacy might be all the convincing I need.) Because really, when it's -30 degrees outside, is there anything you'd rather have than ice cream??

Rounding out my current fav's list is Pride & Prejudice. It was on TV the other night. I've seen it before and read the book (multiple times) and it just doesn't get better than a story like that. It makes my heart happy. It makes me cheer when a smart girl gets the guy. And I can't help but hope someday Reese will channel a little Elizabeth Bennett and not settle in her man-picking!

(Shhh, don't read that "man-picking" part out loud if her Daddy happens to be around. According to him, Baby Girl isn't allowed to date until she's married!)

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