Monday, January 12, 2009

fancy book learning

Oh bloggers, you are nothing if not faithful to stick with me through these times where the posts have been lacking. And by lacking I mean in consistency, not in material. The funny thing is, I've just kicked a serious case of stomach bug/flu. And if I had been more consistent in the area of posting, the material most certainly would have taken a turn for the worse. The good thing about being too weak to climb out of bed is the foresight to refrain from over sharing. Right now I hear a tiny voice, strikingly similar to my mother's, saying, "Now, really Rachel, must we share everything we know?"

No. No we don't.

Guess what I get to do tonight???

I'm leaving the Hubs and the Chica at home and tearing into this bad boy with some of the most fabulous women I know!

I can't wait, I cannot wait, I cannot W-A-I-T!!!

Did you notice the subtitle is "It's Tough Being a Woman"? To that I say, "Heck yeah it is!"

This whole girl thing? The baby-bearing, hours-clocking, husband-pleasing, meal-cooking, laundry-folding, grocery-shopping, bill-paying life that is ours? It ain't for sissies. Do I need to even mention hormones?

No. No I don't.

It's rough. And I'd like to know what God has to say about it.

Another reason I can't wait to start this study? The only Esther I know in real life is this sweet girl.

She likes to cook. She laughs all the time. She thinks her Auntie Rachel lives in the computer. And she loves her cousin "Oh Reese" like Christ commanded us to love everyone we ever meet. In a few days she'll be two years old.

And any study that shares her namesake, has to change me for the better. Just like she has.


  1. Rachel..glad you're back on the air. The Goudys have been missing your updates.

  2. Rachel,
    I'm tearing into the bad boy too!!!!!!!!!