Thursday, January 29, 2009

snow bunnies

Once a year our little southern neck of the woods braces for a snow storm. The aisles at the Kroger are jammed full of people stocking up on all the necessities. Superstitious text messages fly from one student's phone to the next in a county wide effort to get school called off. Which, down here, if there is any snow on the ground in the wee hours of the morning, then the extra star at the end of the text did in fact work and everyone can go back to bed.

Our first year here, the kids had a snow day and Danny took them sledding. They took two trips down the hill and the snow was gone. :)

Yesterday was 2009's annual snow day.

Danny planned an impromptu pizza & dodge ball get together at the church for all the students. On my way there I was on the phone with my friend Debbie. A fellow mid-western girl, she understood the irony of Mississippi Snow Storm 2009.

"Debs, the grass is poking through the snow, it's poking through!"

Last night I received the following text message:

"It worked last time. So add a snow flake for no school tomorrow. ***********"

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