Sunday, January 25, 2009

weekend recap

Happy Monday everybody! I hope your weekend was as fun as ours! Daniel was out of town for seminary so Reester and I made the most of our girl time. Friday we went shopping. The Children's Place was having a great sale (50% off anything that was already on sale.) I stocked up on some clothes for next year, and got such a great deal I just have to brag. I bought three shirts, a long-sleeved onsie, two pairs of pants and four pairs of socks for $20.00! As I flipped through the racks, I found it hard to believe that by the time she's wearing these clothes she'll be walking around.

After shopping I took my friend Natalie's advice, and Reese and I went to the park for lunch. Natalie predicted Friday would be the warmest day of the month, and when the car said it was 65 degrees outside, I knew she was right! Reese and I had the whole park to ourselves so I went a little picture crazy.

Every time the wind blew through her hair, Baby Girl made this face and cracked up.

In this picture, I can't help but think she's plotting her strategy for world domination.

"Look Ma, I got a stick!"

Saturday Reese attended her very first birthday party. Her friend Ava is turning one. Here's Reese with her present for the birthday girl.

Her friend Maddie also attended the birthday soiree.

And we just had to get a shot with the birthday girl. She's a doll baby!

Sunday was the annual ministry fair at church where we recruit volunteers for each ministry. Cheryl, the nursery director made the cutest booth. It was an old fashioned "Hug Booth". If you signed up to volunteer in the nursery you got a free hug. This picture isn't that great but check out the Chica handing out the hugs! :)

The weekend was so full I completely forget yesterday was the 25. This month's lamb picture will be up ASAP!

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