Monday, January 19, 2009

we're back in business!

As it turns out, four pieces of equipment are required to get a picture of Baby Girl from my camera to all her adoring fans who frequent the blog. At our house the chances of all those things being in one find-able place when I need them are pretty slim. Sadly, the Reese pics have been sparse because one cord or another has eluded me for the past couple of weeks. By now Chica could have a mouth full of teeth and hair down to her waist!

In reality, she has neither of those. (And thank goodness, because that would make for one bizarre looking baby!)

Here's what she has learned to do:

What you're looking at is the beginning of a pull up. She has pulled to standing position (yeah Girl!) just not while I was taking this picture. I just love how she sits on her feet like that. It's like she pulls to there and then rests for a second before gearing up to stand all the way.

The other morning I was watching Regis and Kelly and during the show, they announced they're now accepting entries for their annual baby photo contest. The finalists get to go to New York and the winner receives $125,000 for a college fund. And while we're rolling in the money, being youth ministers and all, we could probably use $125,000. With her college bills out of the way, we'll be able to finish the astro turf out back for Dan and get that pair of diamond shoes I've had my eyes on. I'm thinking about sending in this picture I took this morning.

I think it says "please bring me to New York" in a subtle yet tasteful way. :)

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