Tuesday, June 16, 2009

as promised...

...some photographic evidence of our trip. I took a measly amount of pictures in the Homeland. I'm sad. And ashamed. But I'll try to get past that and show you what I do have.

The first day of the trip, my merry band of traveling friends dropped the Chica and me off at my big sister's house for some quality cousin time.

Hello Little Cousin. Hello Not-So-Little-Thighs. Sweet Boy is 6 months Reesie's junior, but he's quickly closing in on size. That's the Chica in the background rocking some jammies MC Hammer style.

Binky swap.

Hello Big Cousin. She's Little Cousin's big sister, as stated on her shirt.

She wore this shirt the day the stork dropped Little Cousin off at the hospital. Earlier that morning while she was getting dressed, she explained her Big Sister status. Then she asked me if Reesie was a big sister too.

Nope. Absolutely, positively, unequivocally, no. Nada. Negative ghost rider, the pattern is full.

But if she's going to get the rumor mill going at least she doesn't beat around the bush about it.

We had a delightful lunch. With three babies younger than three we don't exactly fly under the radar. But I wouldn't want to draw attention to myself with anyone else.

Here's a picture of the beautiful, blushing bride (in blue) and several friends from high school. My favorite thing about these girls is when we get together we pick up right where we left off. I had so much fun catching up with them.

Do you think there's a direct causation between being the only mother in the group and sporting the palest skin? If fact, my arms would leave you to believe I just wrapped up a long day on my tractor. These days I've spent a little less time poolside and a little more time heaving a certain Someone to the top of her slide. Note to self; when on slide duty wear tank top from now on.

Chica's first boat ride!! She loved the wind in her hair.

But wasn't too keen on the lifejacket.

Friday we went to Arthur Bryant's, which is without a doubt the greatest barbeque in the universe. To keep from polarizing you bloggers I tend to avoid political posts. But I must say Memphis barbeque doesn't hold a candle to what Kansas City serves up. I'm sorry Memphis. Just keeping it real. If that gets you in a tizzy, it's okay, just make fun of my tan.

I'm pretty sure each of these was the size of my daughter when she was born.

Here's a group shot + Auntie Michelle. Reesie looks a little ticked. I think she needed some sunglasses.


  1. So...what was the thing the bride asked you to do? Sing? Dance? Juggle? Get a tattoo? Tell us! Tell us!

  2. thanks for dropping by my place too, and looks like you had a great time.