Saturday, June 6, 2009


Despite the sad state of America's economy, Danny and I impulsively (and uncharacteristically) splurged and put a pool in our backyard. This was the Chica's face when she saw the newest addition for the first time, completely in awe of our self -indulgence.

Did I happen to mention our new pool is inflatable? Danny blew up all twelve sections with his own two lungs.

We'd planned on buying something small. Something basic. But when we arrived at the swimming pool aisle of Target, you could say we were sucked in by all the options. Or just suckered. For three dollars more you could get a fountain. For five dollars more than that you could get an attachable slip 'n slide. And so on and so forth. Thus explaining why we have a tandem of water spraying elephants, shaded by an inflatable palm tree living in our backyard. Believe it or not, this was the middle of the road choice. I really didn't want to have to resuscitate Daniel.

Reesie couldn't wait to try out her new pool. After last weekend's pool party she knew of the fun that was in store.

If she had the capacity to jump, she would have hurdled the side right then and there.

"Please, Daddy, please, please, please, please, please. Can we please get in yet?"

The temptation was so strong, she decided to sneak her hands in. Just for a second. Just for a harmless, little splash.

Oh yeah. It was as delightfully refreshing as she had suspected it to be.

Eventually we ended our toddler's torture. We slipped her into her swimming suit, called up a friend and had our inaugural hinton home pool party. We traded off picking up the Chica and perching her at the top of the slide. Very quickly she learned how to thrust her legs to propel herself down the slick slope. She could have played all afternoon and have thrown out all our backs in the process.

But you know what works wonders on sore muscles?

This face.


  1. Great pictures! It is like your own little water park in your backyard. Thanks for inviting Steve and MaKay over today while I worked. He said they had a great time with y'all. I hate I missed it.

  2. Jenny- We missed you too! Steve told us the story about the dresses. I think you should blog about that!