Sunday, May 31, 2009

there's a party going on

Tomorrow a friend of the Chica turns one year old. We went to her birthday bash over the weekend to celebrate. I know it's terribly cliche, but it feels like yesterday we went to her house to meet her for the first time. She was a few weeks old and a such a teeny little thing. At the time, side by side Reesie seemed like the marshmallow man from Ghost Busters towering over the sweet newborn.

But now look at them. In less than a year the Birthday Girl caught up.

The party was in the Birthday Girl's backyard. Inflatable swimming pools were scattered all over the grass and thoroughly enjoyed by every guest. This little water table was on the patio. The girls took turns reeling in the big one.

Last year when three of us were pregnant with these three girls (confused?) we went to a motherhood convention together. All of us were well into our third trimester. As we waddled around the convention center together, people couldn't help but stare. I don't blame them. We were a sight to behold. Three pregnant women about to pop. After the convention we went to lunch and they gave me advice on motherhood. (At the time they were both pregnant with their second child.) Back then these girls were three fetuses, tucked away in their mothers, developing their respiratory systems. It's incredible what a year does.

Big Sis wanted in on all the posing.

Singing. Do you see those matching outfits? Handmade and monogrammed by their mother. And that huge chocolate cake? She whipped that baby up herself too. She's Supermom I tell you!

Here's Birthday Girl in cake zone. I think she's either reflecting on her past year of life or just under the spell of some really good chocolate frosting.

Any woman who's at least one can identify with both.

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