Wednesday, May 6, 2009

idol input

American Idol's on tonight (in five minutes to be exact) and it's down to the final four! In case you're totally out of the loop, consider yourself now informed. You're welcome.

*Side note* Is it just me who finds it fascinating that God knows who's going to win? I mean, He knows everything, and certainly things more important than the winner of American Idol Season 26. But while we're all fixed to the edge of our seats, taking bets, clueless of the outcome, He's sitting there on His throne, knowing full well. Craziness I tell you. Crizzity crazy.


I hope Danny Gokey and Kris Allen make it to the finals, with Danny winning it all.

I liked Allison Irheta a lot in the beginning. But she's just kind of been, eh, take her or leave her for me. I definitely like her better than Adam Lambert. I can't figure that guy out. He's freakishly talented with a freakish range, but at the end of the day, it all comes out kind of... freaky. I can't imagine what kind of album he'd make, nor would I rush to the store to get one.

I hope he gets the boot tonight so Allison can sing another week.

That's my two cents. Which, in the music business is worth about one tenth of a cent. The same amount coupons are worth if you try to redeem them for cash. Seriously, next time you have a coupon, check out the tiny legal stuff on the back. You can redeem it for one tenth of a cent. Dead serious.

Seriously? Am I still talking?

Ok, Ramble McRambleson signing off. I've got to go wrestle the remote away from Dan'l.

Good luck to all the contestants.
(Warm up the bus Adam Lambert.)

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  1. Wow. I couldnt have summed it up better myself! unfortunately Adam didnt get the boot. But I think he will for sure next week!