Friday, May 22, 2009

tiny bubbles

One summer while I was in high school I attended student council camp for a week. Every night we'd gather in the auditorium and Marty, an advisor from another school would lead us in songs while strumming his guitar. We'd sing all sorts of songs. If he wasn't pleased with how we were singing, Marty would interrupt mid-song, "If you're going to sing, remember to sing with gusto!"

My favorite song in Marty's line up was "Tiny Bubbles."

Tiny bubbles, in the wine

makes me feel happy, makes me feel fine.

Tiny bubbles, make me warm all over

With the feeling that I'm gonna love you till the end of time.

Even though the lyrics were questionable, the light, happy tune embodied camp. Looking back, I'm surprised Marty wasn't reprimanded for leading hundreds of under age teenagers in a song about alcohol. But what Marty may have lacked in judgement, he made up for with his gusto.

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