Tuesday, May 19, 2009

little fountains

Many people have commented recently about the Chica looking less like a baby and more like a little girl. Danny was out of town for several days last week and when he returned, he said there was a noticeable difference.

It could be that her legs are getting longer. Or that her face is less round. But I like to think the reason she's looking so mature is that her hair is getting longer. It's long enough to have bad hair days. I noticed this Sunday when she woke up with a major case of bed head and a mother clueless to a solution. As we drove to church, I broke the bad news. "Welcome to life as a woman, honey."

There is an upside to longer hair. While length subjects you to frequent "off coif" days, it looks much better pulled back. I nearly squealed when I uploaded some pictures to our computer and realized her ponytails were looking less like little caterpillar antennae and more like splendid little fountains.

See? Fountains at their finest.

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