Thursday, May 14, 2009

the sad reality of it all

Can we talk reality TV for a second? I am SO bummed my boy Danny Gokey got kicked off American Idol. :( I knew I should have voted. Think my vote could have changed the outcome?

Adam Lambert is very talented. Incredible stage presence. But if I had to listen to an entire cd of his screaming, I'd throw it out the car window. The guyliner bugs me too.

I'm not crazy about Kris. But I hope he will pull off an upset. Or as Simon called it "a ding dong."
I've watched the past few weeks of Dancing with the Stars. And I'm glad I didn't see it before now. Because I have a problem with a former professional cheerleader being a contestant. If ABC asks for my opinion (I'm expecting a call any day now) I'd tell the producers it's unfair to the other contestants. A person with a background in dance shouldn't be allowed to enter a contest where you learn how to dance. The end.
SO thankful Annie didn't win Celebrity Apprentice. This is another show I jumped in towards the end. Just long enough to develop a deep and abiding fear of Annie. Holy cow I thought either she or Joan weren't going to survive the finale. Someone was fixing to lay the smack down.
There you have it. I feel better now. I would give you a recap of Real Housewives NYC, but that would mean I'd have to fess up to actually watching that show. And if I ever were to admit to watching that show, I'd never confess such a thing on the world wide web.:)

Goodnight bloggers!

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