Friday, May 29, 2009

move that bus!!!

Quick, get me a bullhorn. Can we get Ty Pennington on the phone? Because somebody had an extreme makeover blog edition and I think it's the hinton home!

I hope the face lift didn't confuse you. One time I went to a youth girl's house for a pool party. I walked through the open garage and right up to the interior door only to be met by a scared elderly lady I've never seen. I was two steps from breaking and entering the neighbor's house. It was humiliating.

The last thing I want to do is humiliate you bloggers. I hope you didn't type in our address, arrive at our new destination and fear the cops were minutes from arresting you for being at the wrong place.

We still live here. We've just had a face lift. For Mother's Day Reesie and her padre went in together to get me a personalized blog design. Kelly at Fabulous K Creative went to work for me. I shopped around and I couldn't find anyone with her quality of work that could beat her prices. There's a reason she's fabulous. If you want to see why, scroll down and click on her button on the right side of the screen.

I've had a couple of questions come up about our pictures. Almost every picture on our blog is something Danny or I have taken. One exception to this is my profile picture. That little picture to your left was taken on our honeymoon at Yellowstone National Park. We were sitting in front of Old Faithful. I credit that picture to the stranger behind us. :)

What smidgen of photography knowledge I have was acquired from the Internet. These photography sites are my favorite so far.

Speaking of photography,this sky picture is from our backyard. I'm so glad I grabbed my camera when I did because ten minutes later, the sun was gone.

Before you go, could you do me a favor? There's been a discrepancy concerning the location of Reesie's picture in the purple outfit. Some people are seeing her at the top right, just under the blog header and above the Bible verse. Others see her when they scroll down to the very bottom of the page. So how about it? Do you spy her? If so, could you give me her location?

Thanks bloggers!


  1. love love love the deisgn. i think i am going to research getting one made for my own!!! and the little ones picture is at the top for me!

  2. Sweet Reese is in the top right corner for me. Love the new design:)

  3. Chica is in the upper right corner for me!! C.J.

  4. I agree...the face lift is fabulous. Reese is in the top corner above the verse for us.

  5. I see Reese in the top cornor above the Bible verse.

  6. I see her at the bottom.